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Extinction-Level Event Eclipses Earth

Author Chronicles End of World in Newest Techno-Thriller

CARSBAD, New Mexico – The year is 2012---the end of days on the Mayan calendar. An unsuspected ominous cosmic dust cloud drifting through space threatens complete annihilation for all life on Earth. A billionaire’s rash plan and a scientist’s quick thinking are the only hope for human survival in the newest techno-thriller, The Endlight Event now available through Dailey Swan Publishing, by John P. Cater.

      The novel opens in the high plains of Socorro, New Mexico, where an aspiring astronomer, Dr. Galley Pruitt, monitors the starry skies through a giant radio telescope. It is 2011. Through the telescope, he spies a curiously strange cloud of cometary dust moving into our solar system. After further examination and calculation, he determines that the cloud is orbiting on a path where it will quickly block the sun from reaching the Earth for months. He predicts this “endlight event” will cause temperatures to plummet, bring about a new ice age and render all life on Earth extinct. The planet sends a desperate SOS into the cosmos from the 1,000-foot radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

      Meanwhile, as the rest of the world braces for an imminent end, an eccentric, self-made billionaire, Jackson Morrow, implements an elaborate plan to preserve life on Earth. He plans a futuristic Noah’s Ark deep within the Earth inside New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns. Morrow gathers all species of animals and selective humans to wait out this new ice age in the hopes of saving life.

      Pruitt and his family are invited to join the Deep Earth Survival Colony, but he is sent by the President to Puerto Rico to investigate unusual flashes and extraterrestrial signals received by the Arecibo radio telescope. On his way back to New Mexico, the Earth’s crust begins to freeze catastrophically, which creates devastating worldwide earthquakes and tsunamis. He and his friend make it into the Carlsbad colony, but safety is still not assured. As all life dies out on the surface, a mysterious murder in the caverns is followed by a suicide and a catastrophic sabotage that shuts down all the generators. Morrow’s plan is failing, and all life teeters on the verge of extinction.

      A heart-pounding techno-thriller that envisions the end of our existence, The Endlight Event combines a vision of the biblical apocalypse interspersed with scientific interpretation that is sure to captivate readers.

      A native of Austin, Texas, Cater graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in electrical engineering. He has presented numerous original papers at national computer conferences and symposia, and published two nonfiction books on computers, Electronically Speaking: Computer Speech Generation and Electronically Hearing: Computer Speech Recognition. The Endlight Event is his first novel. This revised edition sheds new light on the SETI interceptions and brings you deeper into the minds of the main characters. Cater now travels the US with his wife, Jaye, in their RV and spends much of his time writing in New Mexico, his favorite state.


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