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...The Maya Knew

By John P. Cater

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The date is December 21, 2012. The Earth has been ravaged by an unexpected terrestrial eclipse called the Endlight Event, darkening our skies for many months. Scholars, theologians, anthropologists and scientists have argued and dismissed prophetic indicators like the Mayan calendar reset and their doomsday glyphs of Monument 6, the Nostrodamus and Sybilline prophecies and Hopi and Mohawk Nation teachings. They all predicted an Earth-changing event, an extinction level event in our time. It came. This book, Endlight Dawning, is a chronicle of the aftermath as a meager group of terrestrial survivors struggle to understand their continued existence and rebuild a new civilization . . . with unexpected help from outside their earthly bonds.

The end-of-days scenario was considered an Apocalypse or Armageddon by many of those caught in its path. Scientists viewed the same catastrophe as a natural but unfortunate cosmic event. Spiritualists, on the other hand, pointed to ancient prophets and the Mayan civilization and said they all predicted it in their mysterious prophecies. The ensuing arguments eventually dissolved, unresolved, in the final scenario as every living thing on earth struggled to continue its existence.

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The signs of something brewing in the earth’s future are showing themselves daily. We ignore them and think, “Oh, it’s just Global Warming,” or “It’s just another random event.” Each and every time a new disaster occurs, we are shown how helpless we are against the elements. Soon we will begin to see real recognizable warnings of the calamitous end that we cannot prevent. Reality and apocalyptic prophecy are converging at an alarming pace.

The fall and winter of 2004 produced two geological anomalies: the reawakening of Mt. St. Helens and the great tsunami off the coast of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean. Hundreds of thousands died. Then in September of 2005, category-four hurricane Katrina devastated the southeast Gulf Coast and inundated New Orleans. Right behind Katrina came Rita and Wilma. Storms continued up through the Greek letter Epsilon, creating a record-breaking hurricane season. Thousands died. Solar flares during a relatively quite solar period produced summertime northern lights as far south as Arizona. A magnitude 7.7 earthquake on the Pakistan border instantly killed over 30,000 and wounded some 40,000 more. Entire cities of the earth were disappearing without fanfare.

The year 2007 was rather quiet, ecologically, except for worrisome new deep-earth seismic activity around the Yellowstone Park area. Scientists kept the information secret for fear of starting a national panic. It didn’t happen. Instead a massive eight-lane Interstate Highway bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River, leaving the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul crippled with a disabled Interstate artery connection. Then in late 2008 the ominous storm Gustav, closely resembling Katrina with her destructive path, swept through the upper Gulf Coast, creating an eerie déjà vu for New Orleans residents. And, although the Gulf Coast dodged the bullet from Gustav, it caught the cannonball from Ike a few weeks later. Over two million Texas residents lost power and living conveniences for weeks. Galveston Island was decimated in the God-driven storm.

Buried in the background noise during all the climatological disasters, a man-made one was looming right outside Geneva, Switzerland as the Large Hadron Collider was awakened, trying to recreate the “God” particle and birth of the universe. Fortunately it failed.

As 2008 drew to a close, a man-made gluttonous virus began to eat away at the world’s economy. Countries one by one fell into bankruptcy. In the U.S., the fast-paced American dream slowed to a molasses crawl in a nightmare of government overspending, over budgeting and poor oversight. More money was doled out by the government in the first few months of 2009 than had ever been spent since the creation of the nation in 1776. Yet gigantic corporations receiving the almost inconceivable rescue bounties still continued to fail. Congress and the President with all their advisors had no clue how to stop the hemorrhaging economy. Ironically, the bill to remove the phrase “In God We Trust” from all U.S. currency was still under serious consideration.

On the heels of the failing U.S. economy, an ominous invisible entity crept across our border from Mexico’s capital city. The virulent spread of the H1N1 strain of swine flu, a genetic mixture of swine, bird and human viruses, quickly raised the World Health Organization’s Global Pandemic Alert Level to 6 out of 6. WHO’s crucial indicator flag signaled a global pandemic was imminent. Ironically, a few weeks after the outbreak started, a 5.6 level earthquake shook the already panic-stricken population of Mexico City. Destruction followed pestilence. Signs were appearing. Nobody was putting two and two together.

A few years later, with the government still flailing in the throes of financial collapse, a series of very strange worldwide events occurred simultaneously. Dead birds of varied species fell from the sky and many species of aquatic animals began to die for no apparent reason. It all began on New Year's day of 2011. Interestingly, about the same time an innocuous story hit the newswire telling of the Tampa, Florida airport's closing to repaint runway lines. Reason given: to account for the ten-degree magnetic north pole shift confusing airline compasses at that location. People were as confused as the misguided air traffic about that story but nobody tried to connect it with other unusual occurances of the time.

Early Spring brought a Magnitude 8.9 earthquake to the island of Japan's eastern coast. Killing thousands and setting off nuclear power plant emergencies, it was the largest in Japan's recorded history. Complete passenger trains were swept into the sea as huge tsunami waves raked the coastline. The shifting poles were beginning to rearrange the Earth's crust.

Our civilization had begun to use the term “of Biblical Proportions” in an almost casual manner. . . but very few saw the obvious reality. Those few were tracking the mysterious but prophetic Mayan calendar and its predicted end time of December 21, 2012, coincidentally the winter solstice of that year—and the exact date the earth passes through the center equator of the Milky Way. The Sibylline Prophecies, dating back to ancient Rome agreed closely with the final times. A new technology, called the Web-bot Project that created predictions by scanning the worldwide Internet even began to foresee an earth-changing event around the year 2012. As the time neared, the prophecies came into public attention . . . and ridicule. Relevant details were just not there for the prophecies to be trusted — or believed.

Suddenly, on September 11, 2011, the eyes of the world were slammed wide open as a brief nuclear interchange occurred in the Middle East. In the period of three short hours, millions of people were annihilated and thousands of square miles of civilization just vaporized. Some people called it “The three-hour World War III.” Others waited quietly for the aftermath. It failed to follow since most rivaling groups were decimated. The world’s attention turned quickly back to the prophets, since the missing piece of the puzzle had finally been put into place.

As Earth expectantly awaited an omen of the beginning of the end, it finally happened. During the spring and summer of 2012, a worldwide climatic singularity occurred: an extreme global cool down. It was never expected, nor foreseen, by most. And it truly was of Biblical proportions, like nothing had been before. Almost every living thing on Earth was exterminated by extended sub-zero and eventual cryogenic temperatures. Earth experienced what was called the Endlight Event–a six-month eclipse of our sun by a passing cloud of dense stardust: an extinction-level event. Few believed it would, or even could, happen, but it did— with very little warning. Living in the long icy darkness became unbearable for most of Earth’s human and animal population, and eventually they died either from weather-induced hypothermia or more gentle self-induced suicides. Then, just as all hope was lost, help arrived from a distant seemingly benevolent intelligence that had heard our pleas for extraterrestrial assistance.

The few that survived the Event witnessed this mysterious intervention, a true miracle in the cosmos. Preceded by four brilliant precursor flashes from the cardinal compass points in our sky, a mammoth illuminating cross of ten artificial suns appeared ten-million miles out in space. They spanned our sky from north to south with arms extending east to west. Each reflector produced exactly one tenth of our normal solar illumination and heat. A strange extraterrestrial radio signal received as the Sun Cross was activated endlessly repeated a coded message. The ethereal code contained the alphanumeric message: GE:1-3. The hand full of survivors left behind suspected it to be a reference to the third verse of the first book of Genesis: And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. Then the message changed . . . and it was the new dawning of knowledge for humankind.


The mystifying but welcomed illuminators quickly warmed the Earth back to normal temperatures but for many, many souls it was too late. Most Earthlings, at least the deeply religious ones, had already proclaimed the event to be the Apocalypse as it was happening. They had quickly identified the four cosmic flashes to be the Four Horsemen in the sky and few people argued. The Holy Roman Catholic Pope had succumbed to the temperatures and the Church was in an interregnum. Religion had eventually consumed every moment of every remaining human’s life. The agnostics, atheists and non-Christians had originally ridiculed the Religious Apocalyptic Zealots or RAZ, as they were called, until the darkness and cold overtook them. Then they too began to pray for a miracle. It came, but very few eyes witnessed the unimaginable sight of a Sun Cross in Earth’s sky. And when the celestial Cross appeared, it turned night to day and day to night around the world. It was reflecting our eclipsed Sun back at us from far in space on the opposite side of our world. Night and day had been reversed as predicted by many ancient prophets.

This book is a chronicle of those few that survived the Endlight Event . . . the fortunate ones. They were witnessing a new world dawning.



John Cater has published two nonfiction works on computers, Electronically Speaking: Computer Speech Generation and Electronically Hearing: Computer Speech Recognition. In this, the expanded second edition of his first novel, he combines his scientific knowledge with his love of “science-faction” into a high-tech thriller you will immerse yourself in and not easily forget.

He has participated in numerous book signings across the country and was a featured guest author at the 2005 Roswell UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico. He is now completing the riveting sequel to The Endlight Event entitled, Endlight Dawning. Watch for it coming soon.

The author speaks from experience: he has worked most of his life in scientific research as evidenced by the newspaper photo above. John has presented many original papers at national computer conferences and symposia, and has been published in numerous technical journals. He is an Electrical Engineering graduate of Texas Tech University with an MBA from Trinity University. He also pursued a Ph. D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He currently travels the United States with his wife, Jaye, in their new RV. They’re always coming to a town near you.




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